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Technology is always evolving and so are BD&E’s services and products. We have a wide array of innovative technologies and devices made by our in-house team and are the North American distributor of Cubert cameras.

Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras

Unique designs for high-speed hyperspectral imagers that create spectrographic images at rates exceeding 1000 data cubes/second.

Multispectral Imaging Products

Multispectral cameras enable the user to better discriminate targets from the background.

IR Calibration Instruments

Blackbody calibration devices for experiment calibration and on-the-fly thermal reference.

Custom Design Solutions

Beginning with your ideas, we use our in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to turn your vision into reality, on time and on budget.

Concept Development

We leverage our technical expertise to translate your ideas from a vision to a solution.

Prototype Design and Construction

We conduct design and trade-off analyses to develop prototype devices that meet or exceed your requirements.

Product Enhancement

We work to optimize the design of your existing product to enhance its capability and decrease manufacturing costs.

Custom Product Design

Bodkin Custom Design Solutions

Hyperspectral Cameras

Hyperspectral cameras available from Bodkin Design

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