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FireflEYE S185 Rental

Cubert S185


Wavelength range: 450nm – 850nm
Channels: 125
Spectral resolution: 8nm@532 nm
Sampling: 4nm
Spatial resolution (panchromatic): 1000x1000px (1 MP)
Spatial resolution (spectral): 50x50px (2500 spectra/cube)
Radiometric resolution: 12bit or 14 bit
Power consumption: 8W@12V
Weight: 490g (without lens)
Size: 200 x 67 x 60 mm

ULTRIS 5 Rental

Cubert ULTRIS 5 Hyperspectral Video Camera


Wavelength range: typ. 350 – 1000nm
Channels: 51
Spectral Resolution: 26 nm @ 532 nm
Sampling: 8 m
Sensor size: 5MP
Spatial Resolution Spectral Camera: 250*250 (62,500 spectra/cube)
Radiometric resolution: 12bit
Connection: 1 GigE
Power consumption: 3.1W
Field 0f View (FOV): typ. 15°
Weight: 126g
Size: 29 x 29 x 49 mm”

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