Video Library

Imaging of density gradients in convective flow from a hot soldering iron. Visualized using Background-Oriented Schlieren technique.

The Precision Radiometric Surface Temperature (PRST) sensor delivers a surface temperature mapping capability covering a temperature range 400-2000K with resolution of <20K, with spatial resolution of 0.5 cm at a distance of 10 m, and at real-time video rates (to 132 Hz). Operating wavelength range is 2-5 μm. The key feature of this sensor is that temperature accuracy is maintained without a priori knowledge of target spectral emissivity or even as the emissivity may be rapidly changing.

Single hyperspectral datacube image from a VNIR hyperspectral video acquired at 15 frames per second is shown on the left. In this case, three wavelengths (650, 510 and 475 nm) have been assigned to the red, green and blue color channels for display. On the right are 6, out of a total of 20, single wavelength images which can be extracted from the single frame hyperspectral datacube.

Hyperspectral datacube video of boat being tracked by spectral signature in Boston Harbor.

Three wavelength composite (RGB) video of a 22 wavelength hyperspectral datacube in the 2.0-5.0 μm range. The target is the hot invisible gas plume above a ½ inch high candle flame. The spatial resolution is 114 x 114 and spectral resolution is 156 nm.

The UAV-mounted MicroCam camera developed under SBIR funding which utilizes a microbolometer-based focal plane array for capturing infrared video.

RGB movie made from Hyperspectral images of Oxy-Propylene flame. Movies shown at 10 fps, data taken at 380-430 fps. Red: 4.4 µm; Green: 3.35 µm; Blue: 2.75 µm.