Multi-Band Imaging

Technology Overview

A multi-band camera provides high-resolution, co-registered visible and infrared imagery through a common aperture telescope, unlike conventional visible or infrared cameras that provide image data in limited wavelength bands. Bodkin Design has created the Omnispotter multi spectral camera to enable the user to better discriminate targets from both background and decoys by blending color images with information from the IR band. The images obtained from this system penetrate darkness, camouflage, smoke and clutter better then either visible or IR images could alone.

The single-aperture design results in a low aerodynamic and radar cross-section ideal for airborne platforms such as UAVs and missiles, as well as man-portable systems. A unique optical zoom provides variable magnification imagery in all bands (Vis/MWIR/LWIR). With both digital and analog output available, the system is suitable for both man-in-the-loop operation as well as computer-aided processing. Future upgrades include hyperspectral imaging, laser ranging, and GPS-targeting modules.

Key Features

  • Single-Aperture Design
  • Interchangeable Fore-optics
  • Interchangeable Detection Modules:
    • VIS/NIR
    • MWIR
    • LWIR
  • Hyperspectral
  • Laser Ranger/Designator
  • Analog and Digital Output
  • Diffraction-Limited Optical and IR Zoom

Defense Applications

  • Long Range Surveillance (UAVs/FLIRs)
  • Reconnaissance
  • Combat Search and Rescue
  • Precision Targeting (ATA) and Missile Guidance
  • Night Vision
  • Sensor Fusion

Commercial Applications

  • Sensor Fusion
  • Perimeter Security
  • Fire Fighting
  • Law Enforcement
  • Industrial Machine Vision
  • Medical Diagnostics
Multi-band Imaging

Product Datasheet available for download:

Download ( 367 KB )