Monarch Pro

Unispectral Monarch Pro

Product Datasheet available for download:

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The Monarch Pro™ for Accessible Spectral Analysis

The Monarch Pro is a near-infrared camera integrated with Unispectral’s proprietary tunable Fabry–Pérot filter. This small multispectral imager has a spectral range of 690-935nm with 10 selectable filters that allow you to determine the framerate. It is in a developer’s kit including a protective case, and SDK with DLL, API, and GUI, or as a stand-alone imaging system (Neptune) with illumination and data processing.

These sensors have onboard processing and quick connectivity that can integrate seamlessly with machine control systems, robotics, and manufacturing lines. The small size allows it to be easily attached to various devices including microscopes, UAVs, and industrial equipment. Available options include tripod and smartphone mounts. Spectral data cubes can be displayed on a Windows PC, Linux, or smartphone for further analysis.

10 Preset Spectral bands - transmission x wavelength


Near Infrared Tunable Filter Imager


  • Tuning range 705-920nm
  • Sensor dimension 1280 x 1024
  • Dynamically selectable to 10 spectral bands
  • Bandpass 40nm
  • Interfaces with USB port
  • Low-cost smartphone/PC connection
  • Field of view 31.5° x 25.5°
  • For use in the lab or outdoor applications