LWIR-62 Staring Hyperspectral Imager

Hyperpixel Array Technology

Bodkin Design & Engineering’s LWIR-62 uses patented HyperPixel ArrayTM technology to combine spectral data with spatial information to create three-dimensional hyperspectral data cubes at video rates. This allows the user to create a data cube in one instantaneous frame, eliminating motion artifacts and increasing the efficiency of data acquisition. The culmination of all of these elements makes the LWIR-62 incredibly well adapted for use in applications such as Machine Vision, Material Identification, Environmental Monitoring, and Medical Imaging.

This system collects the full three-dimensional hyperspectral data cube without scanning. Incident photons from a surveillance image are detected en masse by an optical processor. Manipulation of the data set occurs prior to any electronic detection or software processing, operating on the data set at the speed of light. No computer algorithm can process faster.

Uses in:

Standoff Detection

Automatic Target Recognition

Material Identification

Chemical Defense

Environmental Monitoring

Geologic Mapping

Biological Research

Medical Imaging

Cancer Screening

Clinical Instrumentation

Machine Vision


Data Cube: 19 x 15 spatial, 62 spectral
Data Rate: 15 cubes/sec
Spectral Band: 7.8-9.5 μm (7.8-10.8 μm special)
Spectral Resolution: 50 nm/bin (average)
MRTD: 30 mK
Focal Plane Array: MCT, N2 cooled
Power In: 50 Watts
Field of View: 7.3° x 5.5°, variable optics
Dimensions: 16″ W x 13″ H x 36″ L
Weight: 55 Pounds

Product Datasheet available for download:

Download ( 274.15 KB )


Precision Agriculture

Biomedical Field

Machine Vision

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