Cubert FireflEYE V185 Hyperspectral Video Camera

Unmatched Versatility in a proven platform.

The FireflEYE 185 is the workhorse of Cubert’s hyperspectral snapshot cameras. With a weight of less than 500g, it is designed for easy implementation onboard a UAV or for an easy-to-handle and flexible measurement experience in the field or laboratory.

The 185 is available in four versions: two lightweighted versions suited for UAV-use, one with industrial housing and one with waterproof housing for underwater use. In lab use the FireflEYE can be equipped with Close-Up Lenses, allowing a macroscopic scale view with a spot size of only a few mm to cm.

Attaching a Relay Lens to the FireflEYE eventually provides full interchangeability for C-mount lenses. Mount the camera on your microscope or endoscope without the need of an additional calibration.

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FireflEYE V185 Camera

Product Datasheet available for download:

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