Cubert Imaging Products

Snapshot Cameras with Field Light Technology

Hyperspectral cameras are critical if you want detailed spectral data. BD&E values innovation and connecting our customers to the solutions best suited for their needs. BD&E distributes Cubert’s cameras because they offer large wavelength ranges and expert levels of spectral information, making them versatile for a variety of applications.

These imagers are capable of monitoring chlorophyll in plants, contamination in food, and more. Most of the cameras we carry are true snapshots that do not require linescanning or Pushbroom (i.e. extra time) and capture full datacubes of information.

Depending on the camera, there is additional housing that can be added on to protect it underwater and in high heat. Check out the cameras below and if you’d like to see how the cameras work or discuss your application, please reach out to the sales team for a consultation and demo.

The following chart outlines specifications for our Cubert hyperspectral imager product line:

Model Band Data Cube Spectral Sampling Cube Rate Datasheet
# (nm) Spatial Pixels Spectral Pixels (nm/pixel) (Hz)
HPATM Hyperspectral Imagers
Snapshot and video rate data-cubes with high spectral/low spatial content
FireflEYE v185 450-950 50 x 50 125 4 25 Download
ULTRIS 5 450-850 250 x 250 51 8 15 Download
ULTRIS 5 HFR 450-850 290 x 275 51 8 75 Download
ULTRIS X20 350-1000 410 x 410 164 4 8 Download
ULTRIS X20 Plus 350-1000 410 x 410 164 4 8 Download

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Software Interface

Exelis Visual Information SolutionsAll of our hyperspectral imaging systems produce data that is compatible with ENVI Image Processing & Analysis Solutions.

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