Hyperspectral Cameras and Imaging Products

Cubert Hyperspectral Imagers

Cubert hyperspectral cameras offer snapshot hyperspectral imaging, delivering one hyperspectral data-cube within milliseconds of the sensor read-out. Easy-to-use visible band hyperspectral imagers can be used in biomedical applications, in machine vision, and in high-speed applications such as plasma research. Bodkin Design is the exclusive distributor of Cubert spectral imaging products in North America.

Silios Multi-Spectral Cameras

These cameras provide a high-resolution spectral image with 7 colors across the visible bands. Ideal for color rendition measurements, material identification, and quality management. This low-cost instrument provides high spatial, low spectral content data-cubes at a fraction of the cost of hyperspectral systems.

Corning Hyperspectral Imaging Technology

The Corning microHSI Sensor is designed for the 400-1000 nm spectral range, delivering slit scan data in the smallest package available. The immersed optical bench of this hyperspectral sensor is higher performing and lower cost than other slit scan system technologies. This sensor comes in an easy-to-use format, ideal for applications like process control, precision agriculture, medical diagnostics, food quality, and others. The microHSI 410 sensor is Corning’s standard product offering for the 400-1000 nm spectral range. Customizable versions are also available. Bodkin Design is an authorized distributor of Corning hyperspectral products.

Bodkin Design Hyperspectral Cameras

Bodkin Design’s series of Hyperspectral imagers cover the infrared bands from SWIR to LWIR. They use the patented HyperPixel Array™ (HPA™) technology to capture spectral and spatial information in one instantaneous video frame using off-the-shelf focal plane array. This unique technology creates a robust system free of moving parts that eliminates motion artifacts and maximizes signal-to-noise.

Each HyperPixel™ is a separate spectrographic channel capable of resolving hundreds of spectral bins. Since it does not scan, there is no temporal distortion of the data-cube.

The nature of the design makes the HPA™ ideal for high-speed hyperspectral imaging of transient events and for observation from moving platforms. The device has no moving components making the system virtually immune to mechanical failure. The unique optical system provides a fully registered, hyperspectral data cube on every video frame. These devices can be used with virtually any fore-optic, from telescopes to microscopes.

The following chart outlines specifications for our hyperspectral imager product line:

Model Band Data Cube Spectral Sampling Cube Rate Datasheet
# (nm) Spatial Pixels Spectral Pixels (nm/pixel) (Hz)
HPATM Hyperspectral Imagers
Snapshot and video rate data-cubes with high spectral/low spatial content
FireflEYE v185 450-950 50 x 50 125 4 25 Download
ULTRIS X20 350-1000 410 x 410 164 4 8 Download
ULTRIS X20 Plus 350-1000 410 x 410 164 4 8 Download
SWIR-60 1000-1700 41 x 33 60 11.7 31.6 Download
MWIR-20 2000-5000 114 x 114 20 140 130 Download
MWIR-60 3000-5000 17 x 13 60 34 60 Download
LWIR-62 7800-1080 13 x 10 62 42 15 Download
Filter Array Hyperspectral Imagers
Snapshot and video rate data-cubes with high spatial/low spectral content
CMS-C 430-700 426 x 329 8 40 60 Download
CMS-V 550-830 426 x 329 8 40 60 Download
CMS-S 650-930 426 x 329 8 40 60 Download
CMS4-C 430-700 682 x 682 8 40 40 Download
CMS4-V 550-830 682 x 682 8 40 40 Download
CMS4-S 650-930 682 x 682 8 40 40 Download
Slit-scan Hyperspectral Systems
Low temporal resolution, high spatial / high spectral content
microHSI 410 Sensor 400-1000 1408 x 1 310 2 300 Call for info

Software Interface

Exelis Visual Information SolutionsAll of our hyperspectral imaging systems produce data that is compatible with ENVI Image Processing & Analysis Solutions.

Authorized distributor of Cubert spectral imaging products.