FAQs on Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imagers and Custom Services

What are hyperspectral imagers?

Hyperspectral imagers are high-quality cameras that can capture data by analyzing the spectra of wavelengths. Conventional cameras can access only three colors (RBG) but hyperspectral cameras can capture hundreds of colors, allowing you to access data beyond the visible.

What are some benefits of hyperspectral imaging?

  • Non-destructive & non-invasive
  • Accurate data assessment & recognition
  • Reliable enough for medical and environmental processing

How can our custom imaging solutions save you money?

BD&E offers optimization for current designs. If you already have an engineering project in progress but are considering redesigning it to cut manufacturing costs and optimize your project’s potential, we can both design and create a new prototype for you.

Should I get a hyperspectral imager with many bands?

It is important to consider how you intend to use your camera. While more spectral bands allow you access to more information, they might be irrelevant to your application. Finding a camera to suit your needs will depend entirely on your goals: what information you’d like to access, the specific wavelengths you are interested in studying, the moving distance from the object, and your budget.

What kind of software works with these cameras?

All of our hyperspectral imaging systems produce data that is compatible with ENVI Image Processing & Analysis Solutions and multi-page TIFF file format.

What supplemental information can I receive before deciding on a product?

We offer free consultations, datasheets, and live demos for our customers, as well as sample data images. Datasheets can be found throughout the website. Reach out to our team for more information.

What is the current marketplace for hyperspectral imagers?

According to Market + Market, the hyperspectral imaging industry is set to grow by over 20 million from 2021 to 2026. This is likely due to an increase in funding from the government and universities. This is an innovative and industrious time for hyperspectral imaging, as products are becoming smaller (like the Ultris 5) and increasingly available commercially.

How long will my camera take to ship?

Our cameras tend to take somewhere between 10-20 weeks depending on product availability and your location. Please check in with our sales team for a more accurate estimate.

What are some questions we will ask you to accurately recommend a camera for your purposes?

  1. What wavelengths are you interested in analyzing?
  2. What setting will you be working in?
  3. What resolution are you trying to achieve?
  4. What is your working distance?
  5. Budget? Or anticipated source of funding?

How do I receive funding for an imaging system?

If you are affiliated with a college, ask your financial resources for granting and funding opportunities. The National Science Foundation is also a great resource for university research.

Can these cameras be mounted?

Yes, the majority of our cameras can be mounted on most tripods, drones, or other UAVs. If you are looking for a customized mount, please check in with our team.