Manual Power Generator

Technology Overview

This device is a hand-portable, manually powered electrical source. It can interface with all portable electronic equipment. The Patented (P/N 7,157,802) device provides up to 500 watt-minutes of electricity.

Key Features

  • Manual input energy charges system for future use
  • Storage can be expanded for longer operation
  • Multiple charge options (including non-manual)
  • Lightweight, Portable
  • Power Output Options: 100 Watt, 120 VAC, 12/9/6 VDC

Defense Applications

  • Emergency back-up power for marine operations and remote missions
    • Can be used with GPS Equipment, PDAs, Laptops, Radio Equipment, Satellite Phones, Cell Phones, Night Vision Goggles, Flashlights, etc.

Commercial Applications

  • Emergency power for homes, shelters, and lifeboats
  • Power source for off-the-grid locations
  • Portable Power for hikers and campers