Fiber Optic Router


The client wanted ray-trace confirmation of the optical through-put of their micro-optic switching matrix prior to releasing the design for prototype fabrication. This MOEMS-based switch was the key component for their high-speed router for an all optical fiber network.


Critical design errors were uncovered through a preliminary ray-trace model produced during the initial free consultation. The client immediately saw the value of our services. Within weeks, BD&E had identified the source of their problem and demonstrated an innovative solution that succeeded in getting their project back on track. We not only provided the optical design, but also worked with the fabricator to develop qualification tests and procedures to assure that the product met specifications.

Our system-level solution reduced our client’s time-to-market and assured them of a reliable product. In addition to completing the ray-traces, BD&E reviewed the rest of the system design and suggested a simpler, more efficient, and less costly multiplexing solution. For this contribution, BD&E was named as a co-inventor in their U.S. Patent No. 6,687,428.