Spectral Reflectance Imaging Biosensor (SRIB)

bio tech engineering deviceA leader in bio tech engineering, Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC (BD&E) working with Boston University and Zoίray Technologies, Inc (Zoίray) converted their basic research into a commercial instrument. The Spectral Reflectance Imaging Biosensor (SRIB) is a multiplexed immunoassay platform for life science research and clinical diagnostics. Immunoassays that identify the presence of specific protein biomarkers in blood, urine, or saliva constitute a vital tool in modern healthcare. Zoíray’s technology enables many immunoassays to be multiplexed on to one small disposable chip. Key applications of the biosensor include biomedical research, disease pathogen identification and homeland security.

According to Dr. David A. Bergstein PhD, Founder and CEO of Zoίray, “Bodkin Design developed several approaches that balanced manufacturing costs, ease-of-use, and measurement sensitivity to arrive at the best solution for moving the protein array sensor to market.”

BD&E provided:

  • Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Prototype design and build
  • Supported product introduction
  • OEM supply

Bodkin Design & Engineering is certified to manufacture healthcare devices by TÜV Rheinland under UL standard 61010-1 (2004).  UL 61010-1 is also the safety standard used for inspection type Homeland Security equipment such as baggage scanners, metal detectors and similar equipment.

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