Bodkin’s New Spectral Microscope Camera Sheds Light on/Advances Bio-Medical Research.

Bodkin’s New Spectral Microscope Camera Sheds Light on/Advances Bio-Medical Research.

Advanced Medical Imaging System from Bodkin Design and Engineering Pinpoints Data and Analyzes Complex Biological Samples in Real Time.

Newton, MA (March 14,2014)

A new, advanced medical imaging system by Bodkin Design and Engineering enables researchers to pinpoint data and analyze complex microscopic samples in real time. The VNIR-90 Hyperspectral Imager captures spectral images within fixed tissue or in-vivo biological samples, in a single video frame, for immediate identification and analysis.

Hyperspectral microscopy system; Bodkin Design and Engineering

Hyperspectral microscopy system

Hyperspectral imaging is a powerful tool for understanding complex biological and biomedical samples. While the human eye sees visible light in three bands—red, green and blue—spectral imaging divides the spectrums into hundreds of bands not visible to the human eye. All materials have a spectral “signature” which identifies the material and its related characteristics.

Typical hyperspectral imagers capture data over time, which doesn’t allow for accurate data capture in applications where high speed sampling is essential such as research being conducted on live tissue samples. Bodkin’s VNIR-90 uses a patented HyperPixel Array™ (HPA™) technology to combine spectral data with spatial information to create three-dimensional hyperspectral “data cubes” at video rates.

The result is the ability to “see” over 90 spectral bands, with no motion artifacts and maximum signal-to-noise. This breakthrough technique in medical imaging allows researchers and healthcare practitioners to acquire accurate spectral information of biological samples in real time, and to observe the chemical changes associated with processes such as blood flow, mitosis, apoptosis and endocytosis.

Bodkin Design’s President Andrew Bodkin says “We have adapted our proprietary hyperspectral imaging technology to develop a microscope camera capable of collecting visible and near infrared spectra of materials and live biological tissues at video rates. Access to this level of detail has the potential to help researchers and healthcare providers make diagnoses earlier than ever before. We intend to introduce this ground-breaking technology to research laboratories, academic institutions and private laboratories across the country”.

Bodkin Design has released a white paper detailing the use of the VNIR-90 in microscopy to acquire accurate pixel by pixel spectral information of biological samples in real-time, at video frame rates of up to 60 frames-per-second. The VNIR-90 collects and analyzes hyperspectral images with a spectral range of 500 to 900nm at 5nm resolution. The flexible design, with an interchangeable fore-optic separate from the optical processor, enables the system to be integrated with any microscope.

To learn more about the research applications supported by BD&E’s Hyperspectral Microscopy system, please click to download the white paper.

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