Bodkin Design & Engineering Selected to Develop Polarimetric Sensor for Naval Airborne Platforms

Bodkin Design & Engineering Selected to Develop Polarimetric Sensor for Naval Airborne Platforms


Bodkin Design & Engineering LLC, (BD&E) has been awarded a $750,000 Phase II SBIR contract from the Navy for the development of a compact polarimetric imager for infrared and visible wavelengths. The polarimeter will aid in the detection of targets from airborne and ground based surveillance. The unique design provides an extremely compact device without cumbersome optics or specially fabricated focal planes.

Exploiting the polarization properties of various targets and backgrounds, this passive polarimetric sensor cuts through cluttered environments to identify and locate military targets in real-time.
The DOD has invested significantly in mining the properties of the photon to improve target detection and discrimination. BD&E, a leader in this area, has developed hyperspectral, multi-band and infrared imagers to assist the military in this task. Adding polarimetric capability to its family of image sensors, BD&E will be able to improve the warfighters’ capability.

In this Phase II stage of the project BD&E will develop a prototype of the low cost, compact polarimetric sensor for the visible, midwave and longwave infrared bands. Demonstration will be conducted in both the laboratory and field tests.

This twenty-four month project is funded by the Small Business Innovation Research program (SBIR), a program established by the Small Business Administration Office to ensure that the nation’s small, high-tech, innovative businesses are a significant part of the federal government’s research and development efforts.

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