Bodkin Design Demonstrates Long-Range Mid-Wave Hyperspectral Camera

Bodkin Design Demonstrates Long-Range Mid-Wave Hyperspectral Camera

Bodkin Design & Engineering LLC (BD&E) measures the exhaust plume of missiles using their patented hyperspectral imaging technique Hyperpixel Array™ (HPA™). This snapshot imaging spectrometer designed by BD&E provides the spectral signature of a moving object like the propulsion plume of a rocket for long stand-off identification.

Efficient characterization of military target infrared (IR) signatures is vital to any countermeasure. Examples of countermeasures include automatic detection and recognition of incoming threats as well as the design of aircraft and missile guidance seekers. In the last decade, the integration of IR-based technology in ballistic missile defense systems has been at the forefront of defense technologies.

The detection, tracking, and identification of a rocket are associated with the thermal emission and distribution within the combustion plume while the velocity is associated with the combustion species. Spectroscopy is widely used for combustion analysis using various diagnostic techniques. Hyperspectral imaging extends these capacities by generating 3D images with enhanced spectral and spatial information.

The MWIR-60 is an HPA™ imager that allows for 62 bands of spectra data and 40 x 40 spatial resolution. The system is delivered with its own ruggedized data acquisition computer system and it has a parallel processor that allows it to capture radiometrically-corrected hyperspectral data cubes (hypercubes) at 120 cubes per second. The supplementary software will allow the system to acquire test and calibration data. Please inquire with BD&E about our additional software packages that can perform chemical and temporal identification.

The MWIR-60 is ideal for moving platforms and transient events, which makes it great option for other applications such as geologic mapping, standoff detection, and chemical defense. The snapshot capability makes it great for conveyor and other fast-moving platforms. Reach out with any questions regarding your specific application.