Bodkin Design converts military defense technology to battle COVID-19

Bodkin Design converts military defense technology to battle COVID-19

Bodkin Design & Engineering (BD&E), developers of sensor technology for the military, have turned their attention to defending the nation against the COVID-19 pandemic. They have just released a new instrument to aid in non-contact infrared thermometry, to spot individuals who are running a fever. The device, originally developed for the tracking cameras at the White Sands missile range, permits accurate thermal analysis from stand-off infrared sensors. This technology is now available as a low-cost solution for security checkpoints throughout the country.

In crowded public spaces, such as office buildings, factories, stores, meat-packing plants, airports, train stations and courthouses, it is important to remove individuals who might spread COVID-19. To determine who is infected, the primary method is to use non-contact infrared thermometry. One method uses infrared cameras to make thermal images of a populated scene. By placing BD&E’s temperature reference in the scene, it is possible to get an accurate temperature reading from a low-cost thermal camera. A simple comparison by the operator can easily spot fevered individuals.

BD&E’s Thermal Reference is now being evaluated by the US Army, who has a stockpile of thermal imagers used for night operations. These instruments can be converted to non-contact imaging thermometers by using the BD&E Thermal Reference. It is also being evaluated by the NYC Transit Authority for use in rail stations throughout the Metro region.

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