Author: Cassie Remillard

Bodkin Design to demonstrate the ground-breaking ULTRIS 20 Hyperspectral Light Field Camera at the Fall Meeting of the AGU, San Francisco December 2019

Bodkin Design & Engineering will be at AGU Booth 235 demonstrating the Cubert ULTRIS™ camera, a ground-breaking innovation in Hyperspectral Imaging. Producing an unprecedented 400x400x100 snapshot data-cubes at 6Hz.  This instrument is a unique addition to our family of Snapshot and Slit- Scan Hyperspectral Imagers from Cubert,...

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Bodkin Spectral Imaging presents Silios Technologie’s 1Mpx CMS Series Multispectral Cameras

These Pixelated Filter Array cameras come in three varieties, for Color analysis, Vegetation and Security. View your images using COLOR SHADES® LAB.  It is supplied for free with any multispectral CMS camera purchased from Bodkin Spectral Imaging! Applications for:  PRECISION FARMING- Aerial field mapping MEDICAL- Surgery, dermatology, endoscopy COSMETICS- Dermal analysis for skincare &...

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